adapter front calliper Nissin 4-& 6-pistons VS1400

this is the ORIGINAL

The front brake of Suzuki's VS1400 (also VS600, VS750, VS800) Intruder was poor over the entire construction period.
We have developed a way to improve the force with cheapest costs. You can use a second-hand calliper or a new one.
Even the test engineer of the TÜV Germany was amazed how react precisely the brake works.

With our conversion kit the brake of VS 1400, VS600, VS750 Brake right, VS800 and VL1500 (first model with 1 right hand disk) works very well dosed, safe and with the optimum efficiency. If you've got a calliper (such as GSF1200 right side) the kit is easily to mount within half an hour. There are no other changes necessary.

You need this adapter to fit a 4- or 6-piston calliper to your Intruder
You can use a Nissin or Tociko calliper such as Suzuki GSF1200, TL1000, GSXR1100, ZX9R, Triumph...

Ideal additions:
- floating disc
- hose with chrome connections to specified length
- brand new calliper
- brake pads

Included parts (this is what you will buy):
- calliper mounting bracket
- mounting material
- material certification
- design registration
- assembly instructions
- list of matching callipers
- information of tested brake pads

Don't ask us for a used calliper, we only sell new ones.
The suitable used calliper you will find at some dealers, for a brand new one click here -> click

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